Sunday, October 26, 2008

I suppose I should give you the insight to why my blog is titled such.

I had a great weekend and upon returning to work a co worker asked how it went.
Another staff member who is not originally from the US heard us speaking and told me.

I thought you had a good time "your face is telling me so" I have always loved that line ever since.

It maybe the memory of Aruba and surfing or just the 10 days of no cell phones or internet.

Often my face tells and I keep my words to myself.

Unfortunately here you don't have the option of my face telling you so.

Take care and will be more diligent in the next week. PROMISE.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home....Age Appropiate GREAT GRAND PARENTS..

I think this will be what I call home until I get up the NERVE to write that dang book... hankering to get out of me.

I don't know if what I will talk about will make people want to read, I don't even know if I care.

I do know that I want to be disciplined enough to write on a regular basis... daily is good. Then I can reward myself by taking off a month and getting my footing for the BOOK DEAL. I am surprising myself. :)

For now here I am. My niece is 6 today and my mother and father turned 76 last week.
I say this because I am blessed that they are alive and well, but because I am a normal African American Female who happens to not have any children and to have parents who are NOT Great Grandparents and are not 45 or younger. Can I say a Good Times , Florida....
DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(do the math.. you are 15 you have a child
she does the same at 15 your grand child
not to be outdone at 15 your great grand child.... 45 freaking years old.... DAYUUUUUUMMMM!!!!!!!